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3 Reasons Why GPs Should be Placing Implants

Tue, 04/24/2018 - 9:02am -- Anonymous

Instead of just occasionally restoring implants and referring out all other cases, you could be reaping the many benefits placing implants, from happier patients (who refer more happy patients) to increased productivity.  At OsteoReady, we are focused solely on the needs of the General Practitioner and providing dentists an easy-to-use, affordable implant solution along with the education and support needed to start placing implants.

"I hesitated to start placing implants," said Dr. Elias Qare, an OsteoReady customer who has been practicing for more than 20 years. "This system is so simple. The implants are priced fairly, they're good quality and the company offers great support. It's the best decision I've ever made. I do quite a bit of complicated procedures in my practice and by far this is the easiest. It takes me 15 to 20 minutes to place an implant. Everything is pre-planned."

Dr. Qare is among the many dentists who are part of the OsteoReady family, and who routinely place implants in their general practices. Here are three reasons you should too.

1. The number of patients with missing teeth continues to rise, and more and more of these patients are interested in implant dentistry. They've heard about the benefits implants can provide from family and friends, but they'd prefer not to have to go to a specialist to get the work done. They'd rather receive the treatment they need from the GP they entrust with their dental care.

Before Dr. Qare started placing implants, patients would complain when he referred them to an oral surgeon. They would say the implants were too expensive, they had to take too much time off work, or the procedure was too painful. Now, he can offer patients a more affordable solution, and he has control over the entire process from placement to restoration.

"My patients usually leave very happy and in shock at how easy it is," he said. "It's a good service to offer our patients. They don't have to go somewhere else to get the work done. It's very easy, very routine. Everything is as I said, not I said something and then they went to somebody else and got a different story."

Being able to provide this service also helps keep patients loyal to a practice, OsteoReady Clinical Director Dr. David Little said. And if they're happy with the experience and the final outcome, they are often inclined to refer you to family and friends.

"People are seeking health and wellness," said Dr. Guy Gross, an OsteoReady faculty member. "They don't want to have removable body parts. Implants allow us to offer patients the best of dentistry. I don't feel like a practice is really complete unless patients can get virtually everything they might ever need done there."

2. Incorporating implants into your practice provides a new revenue source and gives patients another reason to choose your office for their dental care. Not placing implants puts you at a competitive disadvantage, said Dr. Anthony Feck, who is an advisory board member and faculty member for OsteoReady. These days, offering implants is critical to operating a successful practice.

Adding implant dentistry brought a lot of extra production to Dr. Qare's, office, increasing his numbers between $200,000 and $250,000 in 2017, he said. The versatile OsteoReady system also helps improve practice efficiencies and cuts down on the amount of implant-related inventory he needs to invest in.

"My assistants love it because it's very easy and they know exactly how to set it up," Dr. Qare said. "The kit is small and compatible but has everything you need. There aren't 100 wrenches, 100 burs. It's very quick and efficient."

3. You have the support you need to get started. Learning to place implants isn't as difficult as many general dentists believe, Dr. Feck said. In fact, with the OsteoReady system, implants are more straightforward and easy to perform than many services GPs routinely provide. To be successful, it's a matter of finding the right implant company to partner with.

OsteoReady offers a simple solution as well as education and support. The company provides top-notch GP-focused education through a two-day mini residency program as well as solution based-courses. During the classes, clinicians have the opportunity to see live surgeries and to interact with renowned instructors who have years of experience in the field.

"The General Practitioner is our focus," OsteoReady CEO Dr. Robert Gottlander said. "We know what GPs and their patients want, and what they need when it comes to implant dentistry. Implants should be offered in every general dentist's office. Once GPs decide they want to incorporate implants into their practice, we want to help them do so successfully."

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