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6 Training Tips to Help Prepare Your Team for Implant Dentistry

Once you’ve decided to implement implant dentistry within your general practice, you are well on your way to dramatically impacting the lives of your patients.  Now let’s do it the right way.  Attending the right courses to learn about the system and techniques you’ll be using is critical to turning this new skill into a profit center for your office—but it doesn’t end there. To complete the implementation pathway you really have to invest in team training as well.

Many dentists think team members can learn as they go, and that spending time on training isn’t necessary. That isn’t the case. Providing proper training will help make team members more confident and efficient, which is vital to successfully incorporating any new service into your practice. Their newfound confidence will be clearly recognized by your patients, as solution options are discussed with your patients.

“If the team isn’t trained they’re not going to do it. They need to know what to do, just like with any other procedure,” said Peggy Anderson, OsteoReady Director of Customer Support. “Any time you implement a new procedure into your office, it’s always a little nerve-racking, but it’s much less stressful for everyone if the team is properly trained and everyone has all the tools they need.” 
So how can you prepare your team members for implant dentistry? Here are a few training tips from Peggy that will help you achieve success:

1. Make sure they master setting up and breaking down the room. Implant procedures require a different armamentarium and it needs to be planned out in advance. If all the instruments are set up properly and ready to go before patients arrives, you’ll be able to efficiently perform the scheduled procedure, saving a lot of time. Once you’re done, team members should also be able to quickly break down the room so it can be set up for the next patient.  Having a second surgical kit goes along way to enhancing chair time.

2. Invest in an easy-to-use solution. When team members know the implant system you’ve invested in is simple and efficient, they’ll be less intimidated by the prospect of adding this new service to the practice. OsteoReady offers a solution with one prosthetic platform that’s easy to use. The system doesn’t have many parts, reducing the amount of inventory you need to keep on hand and making it seamless to implement into any general practice.

3. Show them how to work the system. Make sure team members are familiar with the system’s different parts and pieces and know how to organize those parts and pieces. They also should be taught proper sterilization procedures for these instruments and kits.

4. Teach them how to talk with patients about implants. Before accepting recommended treatment, patients will have a lot of questions about implant dentistry—and will likely ask your team members for their opinion after you leave the room. This is where that newfound confidence comes into play. Team members should be able to talk about the many benefits implant dentistry provides, as well as address common objections and help patients overcome perceived barriers to care.

Remember, it’s important to keep messaging consistent—which is why training is so critical. If patients get different answers to their questions depending on who they talk to, it might keep them from going forward with treatment.

5. Help them understand coding and patient billing. Team members are often unsure how to properly submit claims to insurance companies, which could delay payment. Make sure they have access to ADA coding sheets and are trained to submit insurance claims as well as to properly bill for services.

6. Choose a partner that offers top-notch support. Not only does OsteoReady provide education through a 2-Day Mini-Residency and other hands-on courses for dentists, the company also provides training for team members that covers all these areas and more. Through OsteoReady, you and your team members have access to webinars and a variety of other resources, including an online forum, OsteoTalk LIVE – the virtual dental implant study club for the GP, and a customer support number (855-300-1490) you can use any time you have questions.

Get team members excited about implant dentistry

Offering implant dentistry brings great benefits to both your patients and your practice. Providing proper training will help ensure team members understand those benefits, which will reflect in how they interact with your patients—leading to improved case acceptance, satisfied patients and increased profits.

“Your team members should be excited to offer patients what they’ve been missing,” Anderson said. “So whether it’s making an implant based overdenture that fits nicely or replacing a missing tooth, the end result is you’re giving the patient the best dentistry possible.”

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