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Case Study: Restoration of #14 using an OsteoReady® implant and BaseBone™ Allograft.

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 1:46pm -- Anonymous

The patient presented with pain in tooth #14.

The tooth was extracted atraumatically, and in this case, it was decided to augment the site and allow it to heal prior to implant placement. BaseBone cortical allograft was chosen due to its osteogenic properties and superior handling.


  •  Site #14
  • Tooth extraction
  • Socket preservation using BaseBone™ Cortical Allograft
  • 3 months healing time

  • Initial access using OsteoBur
  • 2.0 mm Pilot Drill
  • 4.4 mm Multi-Drill™ to 10 mm depth
  • 5.0x10 mm L OsteoReady® Performance implant was placed and covered with a healing cap.
  • 3 months healing time

  • OsteoReady® straight titanium abutment, 7mm L 4.5 diameter was used; providing a platform switch.
  • Abutment level impression was taken.
  • E.max crown cemented with RelyX Luting Cement
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