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Heartland Dental Partners with OsteoReady for a First-of-its-kind Implant Course

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 6:11am -- Anonymous

Earlier this month, Heartland Dental and OsteoReady teamed up to offer general dentists a hands-on training course unlike anything either company has ever put together before. 

The 10 doctors who participated had the opportunity to actually place implants on their own patients the second day of the course, said Heartland Dental dentist Dr. T. Phillip Shin, who was one of the instructors for the Phoenix-based training. OsteoReady CEO Dr. Robert Gottlander, Clinical Director Dr. David Little and other experienced instructors were also there to help guide general dentists as they placed their first implants.

“I don’t think there’s ever been an actual hands-on course like this,” Dr. Shin said. “Most of the time it’s over the shoulder teaching, or what we call hands on, but not the doctors themselves actually placing implants. Doctors brought in patients from their own practices and treatment planned their cases. Every doctor was partnered with a mentor and had the support of clinicians from OsteoReady and Heartland Dental. Overall, it was a tremendous success.”

The benifits of this type of training

Having the ability to place an implant during a live training course helps get dentists excited about performing these procedures in their own practices, Dr. Shin said. They know they have an experienced mentor there to guide them through their first case, giving them more confidence. It also helps general dentists advance their clinical skills and better prepares them to take on cases when they’re back in their office.

The doctors who attended were thrilled with the experience, Dr. Shin said, and they all thanked him and the rest of the team for putting this unique course together.

“It was similar to when doctors take out their first tooth. It’s a good feeling, and helps doctors remember why they decided to become a dentist,” Dr. Shin said. “Nowadays, implants are a fast growing treatment option. Patients are coming in wanting implants and wanting their generalists to place them.”

Dr. Shin plans to stay in touch with all the dentists who attended the course to keep the momentum going, and will have another class in three to four months to begin the restoration process.

The dentists who participated see the value in this type of learning experience, Dr. Shin said, and all 10 have already placed at least one implant since taking the course a few weeks ago.

Why Heartland partnered with OsteoReady

Dr. Shin began using the OsteoReady system in his practice three years ago and was impressed with the amount of support and the level of education the company provided. So when Dr. Gottlander approached him late last year about partnering to offer this course, he jumped at the opportunity. OsteoReady offers a straightforward system that is easy to use and affordable, and is a great solution for general dentists who are ready to add implants to the list of services they provide. 

“Most GPs should be able to perform 80 to 90 percent of implant cases,” Dr. Shin said. “OsteoReady teaches the simplest, most predictable way of placing implants, plus everything the GP needs is included in the cost. It’s a very good price point for us to make a profit.”

What’s next

Although nothing is scheduled yet, Dr. Shin said he expects Heartland Dental and OsteoReady will partner again to offer this one-of-a-kind learning experience.

“This was a great hands-on introductory course for dentists who are ready to start placing implants,” he said. “We’re thinking about planning another course for edentulous patients who want implant-supported dentures. That’s definitely a big market we’re training doctors in. We’re really looking forward to what’s going to come in the future.”

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