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Incorporating Implant Dentistry from the Beginning

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 12:02pm -- Anonymous

It didn't take long for Dr. Guy Gross to realize he wanted to offer implants in his general practice.

Not only was the patient demand there, but after he gained some experience placing partials and bridges, it became clear they weren't restorations he would want in his own mouth, or treatment options he would recommend to family and friends. He knew from the beginning that implants offered the best possible outcomes for his patients, and that they also would help spur practice growth. 

"People are seeking health and wellness. They don't want removable body parts," says Dr. Gross. "Implants allow us to provide patients the best that dentistry has to offer. I don't feel like a practice is really complete unless patients can get virtually everything they might ever need done there. That's always been our goal."

In his 16 years as a GP, Dr. Gross, who is a faculty member for OsteoReady, has successfully completed thousands of implant cases, from single tooth to full arch to implant-supported zirconium bridges. He's also the Clinical Director for a growing group of dental practices that currently has 12 doctors and nine locations. The main office he does most of his surgical work in has four doctors and 11 operatories.

This setup enables him to focus on what he's most passionate about-implants, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic dentistry-while also allowing him to mentor all the other clinicians in his group.

The path to OsteoReady

Over the years, Dr. Gross has used various implant systems and has found that most come with a lot of complexity. While he wanted to keep learning and honing his skills, he also wanted to find a way to simplify the process and to make implants more affordable, accessible and convenient for his patients. That's why he began to gravitate toward OsteoReady.

OsteoReady's MultiDrill Procedure requires fewer drills to prepare an implant site, making the procedure more efficient and less time consuming. It comes with one prosthetic platform, cutting down on the inventory Dr. Gross needs to keep on hand for implant cases. And the fact that the system is value based means more patients can reap the many benefits implant dentistry provides-making the switch a no-brainer for Dr. Gross.

"I realized there was a better way for my patients and for my practice," Dr. Gross said. "OsteoReady made my practice better, was more patient friendly and was easier for my dental team members to learn and understand."

With OsteoReady, patients also don't have to go to a specialist's office to get the implant treatment they need, Dr. Gross said. He can do the work for them in his practice, at a lower cost. It's also less invasive, so patients are more comfortable during the procedure and are able to heal faster. 

"When you can help patients get restored to their original condition with minimal to no pain and at a reasonable price, you find more and more patients will seek that from you," says Dr. Gross. "Patients can tell the story about how you made their lives better, how you helped them become healthier and eat the foods they love to eat again. These become the victories you're helping patients accomplish. As you get the momentum of doing that for a number of people, they'll tell your story for you and help you build your practice. It's a win/win for doctors and patients. You get paid well for doing a great service for your patients."

Working for OsteoReady

Dr. Gross didn't just switch to the OsteoReady system; he also joined their team in 2014 as a faculty member. In the last four years, he's had the opportunity to teach doctors who have never placed implants how to implement this treatment into their practice, and he's helped doctors already placing implants advance their skills.

During the two-day mini residency Dr. Gross teaches, he walks clinicians through everything from diagnosing and case planning to surgical techniques to implementing implants into a dental practice. The comprehensive course offers the type of education Dr. Gross wishes he would have had access to when he was beginning his implant dentistry journey.

"Sixteen years ago, there really wasn't much information readily available about how to place implants," Dr. Gross said. "If I would have had the same knowledge shared with me back then, I would have had a much faster start, and it would have helped me grow my practice much more quickly."

Why OsteoReady

OsteoReady focuses on the GP, offering education and support for dentists who are ready to start placing implants or who want to improve their skills. Dr. Gross found this system works for him, and wants to help other dentists achieve his level of success. He loves mentoring other GPs and showing them what partnering with OsteoReady can do for their practice-and how much faster they can reach their goals when they do.

"OsteoReady is the only system that's really designed for GPs," Dr. Gross said. "It's something they can make work inside their practice, allowing them to do implant treatment that fits between hygiene checks and all the other procedures and processes that we do. It's built around the GP so it just makes sense."

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