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For a limited time only: Order AvantiSmile Teeth Whitening through OsteoReady

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 1:24pm -- Anonymous
Whiter teeth in 15 minutes! Specially formulated with less than 1% peroxide, AvantiSmile delivers effective results WITHOUT teeth sensitivity or gum irritation.
TESTED and APPROVED by dental experts, this easy-to-use system provides visible results within 15 minutes. Your patients will receive outstanding, light-activated results without the hassle of bulky light devices, wires or batteries. For a limited time only, OsteoReady is offering this whitening solution at an unbelievable price!
The whitening system contains pretreatment, low peroxide whitening gel and a reusable photodynamic tray. Each kit contains ten treatments. 

Order Today: Purchase 10 boxes for only $99.99 (80% savings)* 

*AvantiSmile retails for $49.95 per box. Limited quantity available. Product will ship in January 2018.
Recommended by dental professionals across the US:
"If you're in a rush and need whiter teeth fast, I recommend this effective whitening solution. Patients can easily use this product at home and as often as they choose to receive desired results."
- David Little, DDS | San Antonio, TX
"The process is quick, effective and leaves patients with whiter teeth after the first use."
- Kate Gross, DDS | Salina, KS
"This is the most effective and easy-to-use tooth whitening system on the market, with no hypersensitivity after use."
- Lou Berman, DDS | Annapolis, MD
"Finally, a low-percentage peroxide tooth whitening product that is safe, simple and easy-to-use."
- Steffany Mohan, DDS | Des Moines, IA
"As an endodontist, I deal with sensitivity all day long. My expectation were exceeded when my teeth were multiple shades whiter with zero sensitivity after three application"
- Diwakar Kinra, DDS | Flint, MI
"One of the most innovative dental products I've used. It is truly cool to get this kind of result at home, with none of the gum-tissue irritation that typically occurs with home whitening trays!"
- L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS | Santa Barbara, CA
"My patients can use this light-activated system for only 15 minutes and get impressive results."
- Marc Nevins, DMD, MMSC | Boston, MA
How it works: 
With less than 1% peroxide, this product can be used as often as needed. AvantiSmile is completely safe on enamel. 
Step 1: Charge the light-activated mouth tray by placing it under any type of light source for at least 5 minutes.
Step 2: Brush your teeth with your usual toothpaste and tooth brush.
Step 3: Apply the pretreatment gel to the front surface of your teeth.
Step 4: Fold the tray with the slightly larger side upwards. Apply a thin layer of whitening gel into the fluorescent tray, filling the inner front surface on both top and bottom with gel.
Step 5: Place tray in your mouth by biting down gently. Close your lips to obtain a higher fluorescence in the dark. For best results, wait 15-20 minutes before removing the tray from your mouth.
AvantiSmile retails for $49.95 per box. Check out:
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