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Dr. Anthony Feck is a man of many titles: he’s the Dean of Faculty at DOCS Education, the Clinical Director of Six Month Smiles®, the co-founder of Sunrise Dental Solutions, and of course, an OsteoReady™ faculty member. For those of you unfamiliar with Dr.


We’re all straight shooters here at OsteoReady™ and want to ensure that every dentist who places dental implants does so in a way that is safe and beneficial for their patients. That’s why this month’s theme is dental implant failures and complications.


OsteoReady™ creates Patient Outreach Campaign


A Quebec woman resorted to removing her own teeth with pliers to relieve the excruciating toothaches that had plagued her for years. Diane Vinet, unable to find a treatment plan she could afford, took drastic measures, ripping out three of her failing teeth.


The brain trust at OsteoReady™ has created an exciting new feature on our website: The OsteoReady™ forum. The forum will be monitored by the OsteoReady™ clinical directors and faculty, who will review questions and post an answer within 48 hours.


Dr. Allan Ringard has been practicing dentistry for the last 27 years and began integrating implants into his practice in 2005. Since then, he’s been getting slowly but surely more excited about and involved in the world of implants. This March, Dr.


Salutations implant scholars! Today, I’ll be exploring the exciting world of the sinus—and the complications that can arise when placing an implant in this sometimes-tricky area.



This history of dentures is a long and storied one: around 500 BC, Etruscans in northern Italy made dentures out of human and animal teeth. London’s Peter de la Roche is believed to be one of the first ‘operators for the teeth,’ men who advertized themselves as specialists in dental work.


Advancement is inevitable. With increased research and accelerated vehicles to disseminate information, come new innovative ideas that change the way we view the world that we live in. The field of dentistry has especially benefited from new technology and new ideas.


Mary Brook is back to introduce our March theme


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