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In this fast-moving age of information, it can be hard to keep up with the latest advancements and standards for implant treatment. Where do you go to find the newest information on digital workflow, single tooth implant treatment, or restorative options?


Earlier last week, OsteoReady customers had the opportunity to attend the first session of OsteoTalk Live, an interactive Q&A session hosted by OsteoReady Clinical Director Dr. David Little. The response was fantastic! We are certainly looking forward to the next program.


OsteoReady is committed to helping General Practitioners deliver the best results to their patients. When creating an osteotomy, it is critical to have sharp cutting drills for dental implant placement.


You’ve heard the reports and seen images of the damage that was left in wake of the devastating hurricanes that rocked locations across the southern US and in Puerto Rico. If you’re like most of the country, you followed the stories of destruction and despair, through your TV, tablet, or phone screen.


OsteoReady LLC, The Dental Implant Company for the General Practitioner, announced a new management structure, effective today. 

Dr. Robert Gottlander, of New York, NY, has assumed the role of CEO of the Concord, MA based company.


Strip away the inventive technology, take away the continually-evolving techniques, the gizmos and the gadgets and what’s left? A pure, unadulterated love for what I do: providing the absolute best implantology treatments for patients in need.


There has been a paradigm shift in the way dental implant treatment is delivered. The fact is, most patients expect one-stop results completed by their own dentist. As a general practitioner, where do you begin?

What qualifies a patient for an immediate implant? What are the signs that you should graft and wait instead? OsteoReady faculty weigh in.
Scientists have uncovered a new way that nitrate-triggered migraines might occur, through a bacterial mechanism beginning with the oral microbiome.

OsteoReady is pleased to welcome Dr. David A. Little, a 33-year dental veteran, innovative leader, and researcher in dental implant and restoration as Clinical Director.


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