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There has been a paradigm shift in the way dental implant treatment is delivered. The fact is, most patients expect one-stop results completed by their own dentist. As a general practitioner, where do you begin?

What qualifies a patient for an immediate implant? What are the signs that you should graft and wait instead? OsteoReady faculty weigh in.
Scientists have uncovered a new way that nitrate-triggered migraines might occur, through a bacterial mechanism beginning with the oral microbiome.

OsteoReady is pleased to welcome Dr. David A. Little, a 33-year dental veteran, innovative leader, and researcher in dental implant and restoration as Clinical Director.


Let’s face the facts: the demand for implant dentistry is rapidly growing.


What's the best implant size for a very thick ridge in the posterior mandible? OsteoReady faculty share their thoughts in this successful case report.

Looking for ways to improve your office culture, increase case acceptance and build rapport with your patients? Consider OsteoTalk’s five ideas for a productive 2017 below!
The multiple myeloma cancer is frequently diagnosed in the dentist's office. Researchers have identified a mechanism that might use the cancer's own products to fight it.
Could one's oral health be predetermined to some extent? New genetic tests reveal periodontal disease risk, and could inform clinicians how to proceed with implant treatment.
Learn how clinicians are dealing a knockout blow to peri-implant inflammation and mucositis with both conventional and next-generation techniques!


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