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Many experiments have suggested the feasibility of 3D-printed bone grafts made from a patient's own stem cells, but one company claims they're ready to make it a reality.
Keeping current with the ceaseless advance of technology is a challenge, but when you upgrade, be aware of these four sources of additional expense beyond the equipment itself.
Compassion fatigue is on the rise among medical professionals in the United States, arising from high stress and expanded hours.
What's the best option for placing an implant where an infected tooth has been extracted? Immediate implants offer speed and fewer appointments, but grafting and waiting is also an option.
Plagued by negative reviews? Bewildered by your empty review website pages? Read OsteoTalk's helpful guide to Yelp reviews and learn how to grow your practice's reputation.
Studies find that most patients have leftover medication, and that many patients are uneducated on proper medication disposal and storage.
Planning two implants situated next to each other can be difficult. Luckily, OsteoReady faculty are always happy to help with treatment planning and instrument selection.

Although dental implants have a success rate of over 90 percent, some patients still experience inflammation around a recently-placed implant.

CDC officials describe "nightmare scenario" for resistance gene transfer among bacteria already protected against common antibiotics.
How could a patient with a history of good oral health suddenly present with grade III mobility on all their teeth? It could be a case of the medical mystery known as Gorham's disease.


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