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Chemotherapy patients are at increased risk of oral complications. Do you know how to manage their care if one of your patients undergoes cancer treatment?
The global implant market continues to grow at an impressive pace. Find out what's driving this growth, and what segments are most affected.
New evidence suggests smoking may do additional damage to an individual's oral health through its effects on the oral microbiota.
What's the best method for obtaining a good impression with the OsteoReady implant system? OsteoReady faculty have the answer.
Overuse of antibotics is an area of significant concern in dentistry, as they are often employed as a prophylactic measure. Could a new antiseptic solution take up the slack?
New evidence is emerging that the high-salt diet consumed by 90 percent of Americans impairs long-term success of titanium implants and can even induce tissue necrosis.
What's the best course of action when an implant osseointegrates, but the tissue is having trouble reattaching to the coronal portion of the implant? OsteoReady faculty weigh in.
Newly-discovered Streptococcus strain could promote oral health by de-acidifying the mouth and inhibiting the growth of S. mutans, a major cariogenic bacterial species.
Some implant manufacturers are aggressively marketing zirconia implants as a panacea to the flaws of titanium, but is their assessment of these supposed flaws accurate?
What made T-rex teeth so powerful? Only one animal today shares the secret structures that made T-rex teeth the strongest in the dinosaur kingdom.


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