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On July 4th, 1776 some pretty smart guys (John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, etc.) signed a document that another pretty smart guy (Thomas Jefferson) wrote. "We hold these truths to be self-evident" begins the second paragraph, and with that, history was made.

It seems that every new year we re-make the same resolutions from last year. Break the cycle and make healthy changes a part of your life with these simple ideas!
Bone loss is one of the biggest challenges to overcome when planning restorative treatment, but a new study suggests dental implants may maintain stability even in cases of high crown-to-implant ratio.
A new twist on an old 3D printing method means that high-quality ceramic possibly suitable for dental use can now be fabricated quickly and effectively.
Dental decay could cause unhappiness by more than just dissatisfaction with appearance- psychological mirroring is also at play.
What if we could simply re-grow missing or damaged teeth? A new study has found a surprising link between the continuously-replaced taste buds and two-sets-only teeth.
How do you choose and fit the best abutment? Learn how the Easi-ACCES® technique can simplify the path to an esthetic and long-lasting restoration.
Placing an implant immediately? Choose one with a conical profile, reports a new study. The results of a new study associate conical shape with higher primary stability and success.
Simply the best micro-surgery motor, available now from OsteoReady!
The association between heart disease and periodontitis remains tricky to pin down, and experts disagree whether one "causes" the other. A new study reveals a mechanism by which oral bacteria specifically may contribute to heart disease.


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