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Education Programs

OsteoReady continues to evolve our education platform and focus your training on efficient, predictable, and safe techniques. We understand the needs of the General Dentist and have developed a comprehensive teaching model, complete with live surgeries, hands-on training, and both restorative and surgical techniques, to support faster implant implementation after a course. With an assortment of courses to choose from including on-demand online education, solution-based half day courses, and 2-day Mini-Residencies, OsteoReady is making implant dentistry more accessible for the General Practitioner.

2-Day Mini-Residency

This 12 CE course is designed for the GP who is currently referring, restoring, or placing implants in their practice. The OsteoReady Mini-Residency features live surgeries and hands-on training. By attending this course, the clinician will be able to implement efficient implant placement in their office, improve patient comfort, decrease overhead, and make implant treatment more accessible to the general public. 


Solution-Based Courses

Break through any implant treatment barriers in your practice. Attend a solution-based half-day or evening training course focused simply on single tooth implant treatment, overdentures, and restorative techniques.



Online Education

OsteoReady is committed to supporting our customers' need for convenient implant education. That's why we've created a new on-demand, online education section of the OsteoReady website. Here you can learn about the latest advancements for digital workflow, single tooth implant treatment, restorative strategies, site preservation and more! 




Check out the complete schedule for the educational offerings available from OsteoReady! 



Alumni Courses

We appreciate our alumni and to show our gratitude to customers like you, attendees of the 2-Day Mini-Residency are invited to attend these exclusive educational programs.



OsteoReady Attendees Share the Love

Why should a General Dentist choose OsteoReady? Hear OsteoReady students share their experience about attending an implant program and why they chose the OsteoReady system.

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