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Implant Sizing Guide

Not sure which implant goes with which prosthetic piece? Don't guess, assess. Use our sizing guide to accurately evaluate each case to determine which implant and prosthetic types are best suited for treatment.

Implant Size 3.75 mm Implant 4.2 mm Implant 5.0 mm Implant 6.0 mm Implant
Prosthetic Type Corresponding diameter Corresponding diameter Corresponding diameter Corresponding diameter
Apical Diameter 1.8 mm 2.0 mm 2.9 mm 3.9 mm
Healing Cap Slim Slim / Standard Standard Wide
Abutment Slim Slim / Standard Standard Standard
Transfer Slim Slim / Standard Standard Standard
Analog Standard Standard Standard Wide
Multi-Unit Standard Standard Standard Standard
LOCATOR® 3.5 mm 3.5 mm 3.5 mm 3.5 mm

Need more information? Access the complete Sizing Guide

Ti Grade 5
Internal Hex

Sizing Guide

The narrowest of the Performance Implant Series and specifically designed for thin ridges and narrow gaps. The OsteoHybrid implant has an apical diameter of 1.8 mm and a 3.75 mm platform and is the size of a mini-implant at the apex but tapers to a conventional at the occusal end. This gives the OsteoHybrid implant the ease-of-placement and versatility of a mini, with the initial stability and long-term success rates of a conventional.