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Attendee Spotlight: OsteoReady Techniques Transform Patient and Clinician's Practice

Gertrude Lee, DMD | Sacramento, CA

A 29-year-old female recall patient presented requiring an extraction of #4 in 2013 as the tooth had a root canal and was abscessed; #8 also had to be extracted for the same reason. I didn't see the patient again until late 2014 as she learned she was pregnant a month after her first extraction appointment.

I had originally planned on placing traditional implants, but I'm so happy I waited until after I attended the OsteoReady course. I used a high-speed handpiece to make a small hole in the gingiva and made a pilot hole with the 2.0 mm surgical drill, confirming the position with an X-ray. I used the 3.7 mm Multi-Drill™ to make the osteotomy in both sites and placed two 4.2 mm X 11.5 mm OsteoReady Implants. Not only was I able to place both implants, but I also placed both 5.0 mm abutments and took impressions the same day using the 3 in 1 Implant Procedure! Additionally, I had to extract #14; I attempted to place an immediate, but it just wasn't tight enough as instructed. I removed the implant and grafted the area instead. The whole treatment took three hours to complete.

This first minimally-invasive implant case was a life-changing experience for me and my patient. OsteoReady's minimally-invasive procedures are certainly easier and more efficient than the way I had been previously placing implants. Normally the recovery period took a year from initial extraction until implant and crown placement. It also required around 10 appointments. Now I have cut that amount by more than half! With the lower equipment and supplies prices, and fewer appointments required for completed treatment, I was able to lower my fees so this patient could afford three implants instead of two. The patient was so happy she cried and even hugged me—now that does not happen every day!

This course made a profound impression on me; I could hardly wait to get back to my office and try out these new procedures. The surgical kit was so well marked that— despite my nervousness and fumbling— things worked out great! I have several more implant cases already lined up. It seems like ever since I returned from the course, more patients need implants than ever before. They are accepting the treatment and, even better, they are paying for their treatments. It must be karma!

Image 1: 4.2 mm X 11.5 mm  OsteoReady implant placed in #4 site. 

Case image: 
Case image 2: