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Be a winner with simplified, efficient and minimally invasive implantology techniques

In the November issue of Dental Product Shopper, we gave away free OsteoConverters to 10 lucky individuals. Winning a shiny new toy is exciting, but so is having your name announced on this blog, so here goes:

  • Dr. Robin Ross
  • Dr. Christina Tourtlotte
  • Dr. Steven Bloom
  • Dr. Michael Lefkove
  • Dr. Hung Dinh
  • Dr. Katrina McFadden
  • Dr. Xhelo Shuaipaj
  • Dr. Troy Keyes
  • Dr. Douglas Clark
  • Dr. Michael Crossley


Since the world undoubtedly has more than 10 people in it, reason suggests that most of you did not walk away with a free OsteoConverter™, but guess what? We believe that anyone can be a winner.

If you register for any 2014 2-Day Mini-Residency at least 30 days in advance, we’ll take $700 off the price of tuition. That’s $700 back inside your pocket. Sounds like winning to me.

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