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Choosing Implant Sizes for Thick Ridge

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 12:45pm -- Editor

What's the best implant size for a very thick ridge in the posterior mandible? OsteoReady faculty share their thoughts in this successful case report.

An OsteoLeader writes:
I plan on placing a 5x11.5mm or 6x11.5mm on site #30. The patient has a very thick ridge with 10mm between mesial and distal, I wanted to know what you guys would suggest on the diameter of the implant. I was thinking 6.0mm, but if anyone has a different suggestion I'd love to know.

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Ryan Facer, OsteoReady faculty responds:
I find that 5 is perfectly ideal.

Ryan Facer, DDS

Dr. Tony Feck, OsteoReady faculty adds:
It's hard to say how thick a ridge is from a 2D pan, but clinically you can measure the width of the ridge, and if it is 10mm wide, then a 6mm diameter implant is doable. However, if the length of the implant is 11.5mm, then a 5mm diameter implant is plenty wide enough, and gives you additional security that you have adequate bone on the buccal and lingual of the implant.

Tony Feck, DDS

The OsteoLeader updates:
Let me know what you think? Feel like it went well, although I'm not too thrilled about the angle. Got it all completed this morning, so thanks for your input!

Dr. Tony Feck comments:
Looks great to me. I notice that the x-ray shows you had the insertion carrier still attached to the implant with the implant nearly fully inserted. As the implant goes to full depth, the insertion carrier can get so tight that it is difficult to remove from the implant, causing you to have to move the implant buccal/lingual. Consider inserting the implant with the insertion carrier to 1/2 to 2/3 depth, then removing and using the implant key to fully insert the implant.

Tony Feck, DDS

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