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Five Great Practice Strategies for 2017

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 12:34pm -- Editor

Improve in-office marketing.
Patients can’t request treatments they don’t know you offer! Don’t relegate in-office marketing to a stack of dusty literature on the reception desk; instead, promote your various services “loud and proud” with large posters, reception area video loops, and buttons staff can wear that say, “Ask me about implants!” Train your staff on how to answer exploratory questions from patients and represent your practice’s capabilities in the best way possible.

Amp up your morning huddle!
Consider starting the morning with a short word game, puzzle, or funny YouTube video. Laughing together and thinking critically are strong ways to motivate and energize your staff for a productive, positive day! Once everyone is awake and present, debrief the previous day and discuss what went well, and what could have been improved. Did sterile supplies almost run out before a big appointment? Did a patient complain about feeling rushed? Encourage staff to suggest what the team's response to these events could be in the future, and don’t forget to celebrate any big “wins” that have taken place!

Review equipment and supplies.
The new year is an important time to review maintenance records on your equipment and make sure everything is ready to go for 2017. Be sure to discard any expired supplies, and work with your staff to make sure you’re receiving the best deals on expendables, equipment and instruments. Remember, OsteoReady implants are priced as low as $119, with standard abutments for $45!

Plan community outreach.
Being active in your community is an excellent strategy to raise awareness about the services you provide. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide if your practice will participate in upcoming community events, fundraisers and parades. Set a schedule six to twelve months out and let staff have a say in what occasions you’d like to support this year. Planning ahead will allow you to present a prepared, polished image to your patient base, and have more fun in the process!

Start collecting patient data.
Do you know how patients find your practice? Do you know what they like and don’t like about their appointments? This information is vital to improving the office experience for existing patients and bringing new patients in. Select a few open-ended questions to ask your patients personally after each visit, and record their answers. Take it a step further by creating a short online survey that can be sent to patients after their appointment. Review this feedback with your staff, highlighting the encouraging comments and discussing solutions to any less than stellar responses. Reflecting on these results with your team will help identify areas in need of refinement, and also present an opportunity to provide praise where it’s due!

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