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Immediate Implant Choices

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 9:17am -- Editor

An OsteoLeader asks:
We will be extracting tooth #19 on this patient. Would an immediate implant be appropriate in this case? If an immediate is not possible and BaseBone is placed, how long will the area need to heal before placing the implant? Also, please advise on the appropriate size of implant. This patient would like to have this implant completed by December 31st due to insurance. Will this be enough time? Thanks so much.

Dr. Anthony Feck, OsteoReady faculty responds:
If the extraction is atraumatic and there is no drainage, then an immediate implant is doable here. If you don't do an immediate, graft and wait three months before performing a fresh osteotomy. There were guidelines given at the course regarding what size immediate implant to place, please refer to those. They are much more precise than choosing an immediate implant size from a periapical x-ray!

If an immediate implant is placed and a customizable abutment used, then you will be able to impress for the crown 3.5 months later. If you place an implant 3 months after the tooth is extracted, you will be able to impress 6 months after the tooth is extracted.

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