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The gift of a life-changing smile

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 12:00am -- Anonymous

Strip away the inventive technology, take away the continually-evolving techniques, the gizmos and the gadgets and what’s left? A pure, unadulterated love for what I do: providing the absolute best implantology treatments for patients in need. Chances are that if you’re reading this post, you’ve had your “implantology moment,” an experience that solidified your mission as an implantologist. Here’s my moment:

When I was working as a general dentist, I had a female patient who had unfortunately lost all of her teeth at the age of 45 due to periodontal disease, a repercussion of some poor life choices she had made. She ended up losing all of the bone around her teeth and required dentures. However, she was also an individual with a really severe gag reflex, so her dentures had to be modified so they didn’t have any suction. This meant that she could hardly speak without having her dentures slip out, and as a result, took an enormous blow to her self-esteem. This individual stopped leaving her home, stopped going out to eat and completely stopped dating. I placed four implants in this patient’s mouth for a full arch reconstruction, and snapped her dentures into place. With her new solidly-placed dentures in her mouth, this patient started talking to me and halfway through her first sentence, had tears of joy streaming down her face.

Over the next three months, this patient underwent a complete personal transformation. She started eating raw, healthy foods rather than processed foods, she lost 40 pounds and started dating again. In my experience, nothing else in dentistry has changed a person’s entire outlook on life more so than implants. Implants are not just a mouth solution, they are a life solution.

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