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The OsteoLift™ Implant Procedure

In case you missed the live showing of Dr. Brady Frank’s webinar: The Top Five Minimally Invasive Implant Procedures for the GP: The OsteoLift™ Implant Procedure, here’s your second chance! That’s right, we’ve made the video available online, so you’re only one click away from gaining applicable, highly valuable implantology knowledge that you can immediately implement into your practice.

Learn about the benefits of the OsteoLift™ Implant Procedure, and how it can increase profitability and efficiency in your practice. Specifically designed to go right up against the sinus floor without any need for invasive surgery or bone grafting, the OsteoLift™ Implant is perfect for any doctor who’s ever been worried about the hazard of damaging the sinus while placing an implant.

Don’t let this opportunity disappear into cyberspace! Your practice and your patients will thank you.

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