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Dental implants have gone through a flurry of transformation—and that’s only considering the modern blueprints from the 20th century.

How many dental implants does it take to secure a mandible or maxillary prosthetic? What if the patient presented with minimum bone depth? It’s not a magic recipe, but it does produce fantastic results—discover how the OsteoHybrid™ is perfect for securing a rebuilt smile.

It’s exciting to be able to share how minimally-invasive implant procedures can be easily incorporated into any general practice. We want to invite you to utilize this in-depth recourse about implantology.  

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Attending a 2-Day Mini-Residency course is a great next step for those looking to receive hands-on AGD/PACE approved CE credits while learning progressive and efficient minimally-invasive implant procedures to incorporate into their practice. At our newest location, attendees will learn from Dr.


It’s been an exciting summer here at OsteoReady™ and there are no signs of slowing down!


Come meet our latest addition to the OsteoReady team. Dr. Guy Gross from Salina, Kansas comes highly qualified, extremely accomplished and is a well spoken instructor. Read all about how Dr. Gross will be incorporating high-level minimally-invasive implant education to the Midwest. 


Join us tonight for OsteoReady’s™ unique webinar covering effective and minimally-invasive Multi-Drill™ Implant Procedure, that’s a valuable opportunity for your practice you don’t want to miss.


The world was stunned when news broke about a teenager in India found to have a large growth in his mouth that had grown around 232 tiny teeth inside. It’s opened the door for teeth to erupt in other bizarre occurrences around the globe.


What if a procedure could be scanned, planned and performed all within one appointment? With multiple players in the digital scanning game, it’s getting more predictable to place implants in any practice.


At OsteoReady™, we’re very proud to be able to offer a multitude of different ways to achieve CE credits. Not only do we have a 2-Day Mini-Residency course, speaking tours and one-on-one mentorship programs, but every once in a while an exclusive webinar will be available to participate in.


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