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Strip away the inventive technology, take away the continually-evolving techniques, the gizmos and the gadgets and what’s left? A pure, unadulterated love for what I do: providing the absolute best implantology treatments for patients in need.


In the November issue of Dental Product Shopper, we gave away free OsteoConverters to 10 lucky individuals. Winning a shiny new toy is exciting, but so is having your name announced on this blog, so here goes:


In case you missed the live showing of Dr. Brady Frank’s webinar: The Top Five Minimally Invasive Implant Procedures for the GP: The OsteoLift™ Implant Procedure, here’s your second chance!


What’s black and white and read all over?

The newspaper! But that has literally nothing to do with Dr. Brady Frank’s 3 in 1 Implant Procedure Webinar. This procedure has everything! Customizable abutments! Implants with 20% more titanium! Edentulous mouths!


Every once in a while, an advancement is made in the world of dentistry that deserves a moment of sincere admiration. The OsteHybrid™ Implant certainly counts as one of those moments.


Aren’t second chances the best? Especially when the second chance gives you another opportunity to learn about a procedure that will greatly benefit your practice. During this webinar, Dr.


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