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New research suggests therapy to knock out osteoclast function, preventing inflammatory bone loss.
Forget about tennis bracelets—nanodiamonds are shining bright in the world of dental research. These biocompatible particles might be tiny but their potential to enhance success rates is huge.
Bone density and loss is always an issue for implantologists. Common wisdom has been that calcium intake promotes bone health, but researchers in New Zealand are claiming there's no proof in the pudding.
"How do I figure out my implant fees?" is one of the most common questions we get. So we went to an expert to get his secret formula. Read it. Print it. Pin it up on your wall. THIS is how to structure your implant fees. Guess it's not a secret anymore!
Electronic prescribing is a hot button issue in the medical and dental communities these days. New York State has mandated the use of e-prescribing software, but practitioners are up in arms over the compulsory change. What are the pros and cons?
A new study in the U.K. tested whether or not patients could tell if an implant was healthy or failing. Turns out, there wasn't a statistically significant difference between the opinions of the patients and their doctors.
The debate over filling material rages on becoming even more heated as the caries epidemic claims more teeth. But a new rule by the EPA requiring a reduction of mercury in waste water from amalgam could affect how dentists feel about it.
The world is shrinking, especially when it comes to nanotechnology. British researchers report that antiobiotics seeded into nano-layered coatings on dental implants reduce the risk of bone infection. Just how tiny are the layers?
Researchers at Case Western Reserve investigated how implants affected the overall quality of life for a group of postmenopausal osteoporotic women. Dentures don't even have a chance...
Concern about antibiotics and their link to creating resistant bacteria is gaining ground across the healthcare field. OsteoReady tackles the controversial subject of over-prescribing antibiotics.


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