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Dentistry is a delicate balance between meeting the needs of your patients and achieving practice goals. It's up to clinicians to handle it all. How do you do it? OsteoReady's No-Drill Implant Procedure.
OsteoReady is thrilled to announce its distribution partnership with bone grafting material, BaseBone™. BaseBone is a safe, mineralized freeze-dried bone allograft for socket preservation and implant site development. What's amazing about it? It's designed for any practitioners who provide osteogenic and dental implant procedures.
Do you wonder how other practitioners get their patients to see the importance of their treatment and accept rather than reject it? OsteoReady's own Dr. Guy Gross shares his experience in dental implant case acceptance.
Do you know what factors influence whether or not a practitioner places implants? Is it age, education, location—all of the above? BMC Oral Health recently published a study that investigated the frequency of 10 specific dental procedures including implant placement and the indicators for each in general dentistry practices in the U.S.
As the summer months approach implants are probably the furthest thing from your patients' minds. Learn how a little effort and utilizing your available assets can reopen the floodgates of new and eager implant patients.
In honor of Memorial Day, OsteoReady sat down with Army veteran Justin Rader, DDS of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Coming from a long line of military veterans turned clinicians, Dr. Rader is actively involved in providing dental support for military veterans throughout Idaho. He shares with us how he supports veterans with volunteer dentistry, and why it's so important to him—and the veterans he treats.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently issued a recommendation to lower fluoride levels in public drinking water. Find out why the government changed recommended fluoride levels, and how to address patient concerns about fluoride.
An implant is an implant that implants...right? What's the main benefit to general practitioners who place implants with minimally-invasive procedures? Discover the top three reasons why you could and should be placing minimally-invasive implants.
Myth vs. reality—we uncover the truth about implant placement for general dentists. Don’t let outdated ideas prevent you from reaching your clinical potential!
How did one practitioner increase his practice income by $50,000—ONE MONTH—after attending an OsteoReady 2-Day Mini-Residency course? Dr. Brady Frank interviews Dr. John C. Phillips about the financial advantages of course attendance.


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