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Impressions are so 20th century. Major advances in 3-D printing technology are upping the game for implants and other dental prosthetics. What are the advantages of 3-D printing?
What are the tips and tricks that clinicians use to make sure healing caps don't get stuck on an implant? Pliers, screwdrivers, rounguers, petroleum jelly are all mentioned in suggestions. Don't leave it up to your imagination.
You have implant questions, we have answers! We tapped the OsteoReady online forum for excellent Q&A sessions to share. What does OsteoReady faculty say about implant sizing, drills and prosthetics? Find out.
The debate over filling material rages on becoming even more heated as the caries epidemic claims more teeth. But a new rule by the EPA requiring a reduction of mercury in waste water from amalgam could affect how dentists feel about it.
The world is shrinking, especially when it comes to nanotechnology. British researchers report that antiobiotics seeded into nano-layered coatings on dental implants reduce the risk of bone infection. Just how tiny are the layers?
Researchers at Case Western Reserve investigated how implants affected the overall quality of life for a group of postmenopausal osteoporotic women. Dentures don't even have a chance...
Concern about antibiotics and their link to creating resistant bacteria is gaining ground across the healthcare field. OsteoReady tackles the controversial subject of over-prescribing antibiotics.
When a practitioner who has been placing dental implants conventionally for years suddenly sees his implant cases skyrocket, something must have changed. OsteoReady Clinical Director Brady Frank, DDS uncovers the secrets of one OsteoLeader's implant success.
Thinking about learning minimally-invasive implant techniques? You need to read this first—they aren't for everyone. They might be the worst thing for you.
Do you have a dental hero or antihero? OsteoReady has gathered a list of some influential and infamous practitioners. Did any of yours make our list?


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