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Case Studies

Dr. Guy Gross, Kansas City, KS
Learn about implant site development and ridge preservation with a simple bone grafting case, presented by OsteoReady faculty Dr. Guy Gross.
Dr. Pioch
A patient arrives in Dr. Pioch's Oregon City office, complaining of a tooth that had multiple root canal re-treatments. Could an implant and BaseBone be the answer?
Dr. Pioch
Implants to the rescue! Dr. Pioch treats a patient with a fractured tooth, producing a loyal repeat customer.
Dr. Frank's Ashland, OR 2-Day Mini-Residency Graduate August 2013
A recall patient requests a "new smile." OsteoReady faculty member Dr. Steffany Mohan exceeds her patient's expectations with OsteoReady's minimally-invasive implant techniques.
Phil Harper, DMD | Idaho Falls, ID | Dr. Frank's Ashland, OR 2-Day Mini-Residency Graduate August 2015

A long-term patient walked into my office on a Monday afternoon a little frantic because she broke off #12 at the gumline. She wanted an implant as soon as possible.

Raleigh Pioch, DDS | Salem, OR | Dr. Frank's Ashland, OR 2-Day Mini-Residency Graduate April 2015
When an edentulous patient grows tired of his flipper, the opportunity presents for an OsteoLeader to put his freshly acquired implant skills to good use.
Delwyn L. Dick, DDS | Coeur d'Alene, ID | Dr. Frank's Ashland, OR 2-Day Mini-Residency Graduate May 2015
A recent attendee places his first OsteoReady implant on a long-term recall patient with periodontal disease. Despite the patient's best efforts to keep the disease in check, the patient continues to lose jawbone. Implants provide a unique opportunity to amend the bone loss.
Gertrude Lee, DMD | Sacramento, CA| Dr. Frank's, Ashland, OR, 2-Day Mini-Residency Graduate April 2015
Dr. Lee placed her first minimally-invasive implant on a recall extraction patient after attending Dr. Frank's 2-Day Mini-Residency in April. She shares how OsteoReady's minimally-invasive implant system is different from the traditional method, and how it has revitalized her implant services.
Dr. Vincent Martinez | Tucson, AZ | Dr. Frank Ashland, OR 2-Day Mini-Residency Graduate December 2014
OsteoReady is thrilled to highlight a Heartland doctor's recent success with placing OsteoReady implants using minimally-invasive implant techniques.
By Dr. Craig D. Spieker, DDS | Clark, South Dakota | Dr. Frank's Ashland, OR 2-Day Mini-Residency Graduate February 2014
OsteoReady was thrilled to assist when a patient presented with severe dental pain but was financially unable to pay for treatment. Donated Dental Services stepped in to provide the appropriate aid and OsteoReady contributed implants and related equipment to help this patient get her life back on track.