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Case Studies

Redlands, CA | September 2012

Dr. Vines owns a 17 operatory practice in California that also employs 5 specialists. Although it is nice to have specialists immediately available in the same practice the total combined fee for an implant, abutment and crown was oftentimes well over $6,000. Terry knew he was leaving treatment on the table by only offering a specialty solution to implants in his practice.

Jackson, MI | November 2012

Scott came to the course with very little background in implantology but nearly every day in practice had patients asking him for implants. Scott found that in his geographical area it was somewhat difficult for patients to travel to the specialist and it was somewhat cumbersome logistically keeping track of numerous implant components from multiple specialty offices.

Scott's goal was both to simplify his life from an implant perspective and to receive a large collections boost in his practice to offset the years of recession and expansion of corporate group practices.