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Donation from OsteoReady Restores a Patient’s Ability to Eat

By Dr. Craig D. Spieker, DDS | Clark, South Dakota

Patient presented with dental pain that made her unable to chew [Image 1]. She had been prescreened by Donated Dental Services regarding financial need. At the time of her screening she wasn't able to work due to issues with her mental and social development because of the pain. Her treatment plan consisted of an upper implant-supported full denture and a lower implant-supported removable partial denture. Implant sites were #6, #11 and #27. Extractions were required for #2, #3, #4, and #5 and #10 and #11 needed root planing.

To prepare the implant sites I used a 2.0 mm pilot drill followed by the OsteoReady 3.7 mm Multi-Drill™. An 11.5 mm X 4.2 mm OsteoReady implant was placed in #6. #11 received an 11.5 mm X 3.75 mm, and #27 had an 11.5 mm X 3.75 mm placed [Image 2]. 3.0 mm standard healing caps were also placed. All parts were provided at no cost by OsteoReady. It took a total of 12 appointments, including follow-ups, at about three week intervals for treatment completion. The implants were placed during appointments six and seven; it lasted about 40 minutes per surgery. Attaching the denture and placing the LOCATOR abutments took two and a half hours. Patient is very pleased with her treatment and has expressed extreme gratitude for being given the ability to chew again.

I am very grateful to OsteoReady for donating the implants and relevant parts that made this treatment possible.  It was an amazing case that showed how important implants can be for severe edentulous patients.

Image 1: Patient's radiograph before treatment.

Image 2: Radiograph of patient with OsteoReady implants placed in # 6, #11 and #27.