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Five OsteoReady Implants Placed in One Appointment

2-Day Mini-Residency Graduate

A 73-year-old female recall patient wanted a new smile with increased functionality. She was very particular about the shade of white for the end result. A full upper arch was presented as the recommended procedure. She accepted the treatment plan and also paid for everything up-front.

Only one appointment was required to place two 8.0 mm x 3.75 mm OsteoHybrid™ implants and three 10.0 mm x 5.0 mm OsteoConverter™ implants using the Multi-Drill™. The treatment consisted of four appointments overall, including restorative.

The patient is thrilled with the end result. The shade of the crowns is exactly what she wanted, and she will return to have a complete lower arch placed as well.

Thanks to the minimally-invasive implant techniques I learned in OsteoReady's 2-Day Mini-Residency, I was able to complete this case with incredible efficiency and exceed my patient's expectations. These techniques have transformed my patient's lives and my practice.


Image 1: before treatment

Radiograph 1

Left image: Completed placement of two 8.0 mm X 3.75 mm OsteoHybrid™ implants.
Right image: Completed placement of three 10.0 mm X 5.0 mm OsteoConverter™ implants.

Radiograph 2 Radiograph 3