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Flipper Out, Implant In

Raleigh Pioch, DDS | Salem, OR

A patient presented with edentulous sites #9 and #10 due to an accident that occurred five years previous. He was looking for a long-term replacement of his flipper because he was unhappy with the lack of stability and function. He has a history of smoking. The patient agreed that two implants would provide the best long-term solution.

The patient had a 3.0 mm wide ridge, prompting a ridge reduction until it measured 5.0 mm in width. A 2.0 mm pilot drill was used and then I switched to the 3.2 mm Multi-Drill™. Two 13 mm X 3.75 mm OsteoHybrid™ implants were placed by a mini envelope incision.

Patient's treatment has consisted of one appointment so far. It lasted an hour and ten minutes; chairside time was about 35 minutes. More time was spent analyzing and planning the case than actual treatment time! The patient also didn't require any pain medication. A follow-up appointment is scheduled in three months to check on the integration status.

This was the very first time I placed dental implants. The week of the appointment also coincided with the grand opening of my start-up office. Needless to say, it was a very busy period. I was able to utilize treatment plan discussion techniques and a reduced fee for implant, abutment and crown per tooth that I learned from the 2-Day Mini-Residency. This information has proven invaluable due to how well it translated to my practice. At the end of the first month, I ended up placing 20 implants! My patients are just as thrilled as me and my staff. Thank you, OsteoReady!

Before implant

After implant