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Performance Implant

Implant Sizing Guide

Not sure which implant goes with which prosthetic piece? Don't guess, assess. Use our sizing guide to accurately evaluate each case to determine which implant and prosthetic types are best suited for treatment.

Implant Size 3.75 mm Implant 4.2 mm Implant 5.0 mm Implant 6.0 mm Implant
Prosthetic Type Corresponding diameter Corresponding diameter Corresponding diameter Corresponding diameter
Apical Diameter 1.8 mm 2.0 mm 2.9 mm 3.9 mm
Healing Cap Slim Slim / Standard Standard Wide
Abutment Slim Slim / Standard Standard Standard
Transfer Slim Slim / Standard Standard Standard
Analog Standard Standard Standard Wide
Multi-Unit Standard Standard Standard Standard
LOCATOR® 3.5 mm 3.5 mm 3.5 mm 3.5 mm

Need more information? Access the complete Sizing Guide

Ti Grade 5
Internal Hex

Sizing Guide

OsteoReady's state-of-the-art implants. Made of commercially pure Grade 5 titanium, a durable alloy of aluminum, vanadium and titanium. Each Performance Implant's surface is calcium hydroxide blasted and etched with sulfuric acid. The tapered end of the implant mimics the root of a natural tooth to promote rapid osseointegration, and an aggressive thread design scores socket walls, ensuring a high degree of primary stability.