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Online Education
OsteoTalk Live Session 3
OsteoTalk Live Session #3
Dr. David Little

Would you like to learn more about treatment of the edentulous patient? View this recording to see the third session of OsteoTalk Live, an interactive Q&A session hosted by OsteoReady Clinical Director Dr. David Little.

During this session of OsteTalk Live, Dr. David Little presents key information in regards to treatment of the edentulous patient, patient selection and patient information. Don’t miss this short presentation followed by discussion, where Dr. Little answers attendees’ implant treatment questions.
OsteoTalk Live Session #2
Dr. David Little

During this session of OsteoTalk Live you will learn the latest standards for efficient implant treatment, stay up to date with OsteoReady drilling protocols and RPM specifications, and refresh yourself regarding optimal ranges for implant torque standards.

Thorough review of correct implant placement with a focus on workflow and clinical protocol. This presentation includes detailed information in regards to drilling protocols including how to drill in different density of bone. Torque settings and how to control torque and temperature when placing an implant is also discussed. Following the presentation there is 30 minutes of live Q&A.
Practice Makes Perfect: Keys to Successful Case Presentations for Implant Dentistry
Dr. Anthony Feck

"Practice makes perfect" is how the saying goes. This can be applied whether you're practicing implant dentistry or free throw shooting. Watch this webinar to learn from Dr. Anthony Feck the keys to successful case presentation. (click image or headline to view)

By watching this webinar you will learn the objectives of successful case presentation, the most important factors surrounding successful financial arrangements, the most common mistakes dentists make when presenting treatment plans, the fundamentals of successful case presentation, and the factors that determine the proper fee for dental implant services.
OsteoTalk Live: Session 1
Dr. David Little

View this recording to see the first session of OsteoTalk Live, an interactive Q&A session hosted by OsteoReady Clinical Director Dr. David Little. 



After beginning with a short presentation about digital workflow, there is a Q & A discussion focused on restorative options, drilling protocols, and new clinical tips and tricks.
Swing for the Fences: A Comprehensive Approach for Implant Overdentures
Dr. Anthony Feck

With implant-retained overdentures, edentulous patients can experience greater stability and function. Learn how to utilize advancements in implant techniques to provide edentulous patients with a complete treatment plan. 

Watch this webinar to learn about patient selection for the overdenture procedure, the number and position of implants necessary for the overdenture procedure, and to see the prosthetic options pertinent to the overdenture procedure.
Key Strategies for Optimal Implant Restorations
Dr. David Little

In today's implant armamentarium there are dozens of restorative options to choose from. Which one will work best for your patient? 

Watch this webinar to discover the optimal prosthetic options for your implant patients.
A Winning Strategy: Using Digital Workflow for Enhanced Implant Treatment Outcomes
Dr. David Little

Strengthen the implant strategy in your practice. Learn the latest advancements for implant treatment and enhance your restorative outcomes using the newest workflow technology. 

Watch this webinar to learn diagnosis and treatment planning using CBCT, planning software, and surgical guides. Also see how to use technology to simplify workflow for surgical and restorative implant procedures and learn impression techniques including scan bodies, abutment level and fixture level impressions.
The Fast and the Edentulous
Dr. David Little

Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal in your office? More than 35 million people in the U.S. are missing all their teeth. Learn the most powerful solutions for these patients and how to achieve the best predictable outcome to help you finish the race.

Watch this webinar to learn the ideal treatment and restorative options for edentulous patients including digital workflow and overdenture treatment.
The Graftfather: Bone Grafting for the General Practitioner
Dr. David Little

It’s not personal. It’s strictly business. Bone grafting doesn’t have to be only a specialist’s territory. Join the Graftfather, Dr. David Little, as he shows GPs how and why bone grafting should be a procedure done in every office.

Attend this webinar to learn when should you graft, which type of allograft material to use, and why you should graft for optimal site preservation.
Navigating the Thin Ridge with OsteoReady Implants
Dr. Anthony Feck

Do you ever feel like you need a special power to place implants in a narrow ridge? Don’t refer these cases just yet. Learn how the OsteoHybrid implant can simplify your journey down this unpredictable path and allow you to achieve victorious results.

The demand for implants is rising as the population continues to age. By watching this webinar you will learn how to use the OsteoHybrid implant, a procedure that act as the bridge between using mini and conventional implants