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OsteoReady Graduate Places 11 Implants and Counting in Just 3 Months!

Dr. Vincent Martinez | Tucson, AZ

Recent OsteoReady 2-Day Mini-Residency course attendee Dr. Vincent Martinez provides a bit about his background and how OsteoReady has helped shape his implant services.

Dr. Martinez:

I am so excited how Osteoready and Dr. Brady Frank have changed my ability to provide an awesome service for my patients. Implants used to have the stereotype of being very expensive and painful. Not anymore thanks to Osteoready and the 2-Day Mini-Residency course I attended.

My older brother is a dentist and he persuaded me to follow in his footsteps. I graduated from Creighton University Dental School in 1990 and practiced in my home state of New Mexico for 15 years, but always loved the landscape of Arizona. I moved to this great state and became employed with Dental Village in 2012. Recently, our eight Dental Village offices affiliated with Heartland Dental and it has truly been a blessing.

Heartland Dental has encouraged each dentist to excel in whichever field of dentistry one wishes. I was hesitant to begin placing implants, yet after attending the 2-Day Mini-Residency, I suddenly realized it was not if, but when. It's a thrilling feeling. My first implant was three weeks post return from the course. Had my assistants not encouraged me with my first patient, I probably would have talked myself out of ever placing one.

I have placed 11 implants to date in less than three months after my residency, and this included one failure. The support from my team members is exhilarating. The excitement on my lead assistant's face blows me away. She high-fives me after each (usually beautiful) X-ray which shows our path or final implant placement. I must say the same about the incredible service of Eric Streed at Osteoready. I'm certainly not doing this alone and I'm grateful to all the support that OsteoReady provides.

Thank you for making implants so easy and successful for us GPs! The patients in Sierra Vista, AZ are thrilled with the higher standard of care from the incredible service you have taught me!

Dr. Martinez shares three cases that have allowed him to use his OsteoReady minimally-invasive implant skills:

Case 1

I had a recall patient present with a previous extraction of #30 two months prior. He is a 62-year-old Caucasian male and wanted to receive an implant. An OsteoReady 11.5 mm X 4.2 mm implant was placed into the interadicular bone. The parallel pin showed proper placement/angulation. I opted to do without bone grafting as implant felt and looked solid at placement and on final X-ray. The healing cap is in place and I will X-ray again in four weeks.

Image 1: Parallel pin directing correct placement.

Description: James Pearson 3 2 15 1.jpg

Image 2: Successful placement of OsteoReady 11.5 mm X 4.2 mm implant.

Description: James Pearson 3 2 15 0 (2).jpg

Case 2

This is one of the cases that I am very proud of: A 64-year-old African American male presented with #19 that wasn't salvageable as seen on the radiograph [Image 1].

I extracted #19, there was no trauma to the surrounding bone of the mesial and distal sockets. Two months later, the patient returned for placement of an Osteoready 11.5 mm X 4.2 mm implant right down the middle of the interadicular bone. The placement was checked with parallel pin prior to placement. I used a bit of freeze dried mineralized bone in residual of both sockets.

This patient is doing extremely well after six weeks post placement. I will attach the abutment and impress at eight weeks. Final cementation should be at ten weeks.

Image 1: Radiograph of unsalvageable tooth.

Description: James Bukle 1 13 15.jpg

Image 2: Parallel pin directing implant placement.

Description: James Bukle 1 22 15 second.jpg

Image 3: Successful placement of OsteoReady 11.5 mm X 4.2 mm implant.

Description: James Bukle 02 15.jpg

Image 4: Restoration with abutment and crown.

Description: Inside final placement.JPG

Case 3

This March I had a patient present with denture replacement. It is my first lower denture locator case. The patient was very unhappy with his "floater" lower denture. I placed two OsteoHybrid™ 10.0 mm X 3.75 mm OsteoReady implants. One at sites #22 and #23 and the other at sites #26 and #27 site. The implants were so solid on day of placement that had time permitted; I would have placed the Zest Locators® as well that day. I placed the locators eight days later. The patient couldn't be happier. Because of the success of that case, we have since scheduled three more lower denture cases.

Image 1: Radiograph of patient's current bone mass.

Description: tommy banks edited.bmp

Image 2: Successful placement of both OsteoReady 10.0 mm X 3.75 mm implants.

Description: tommy banks 2.bmp

Image 3: OsteoHybrid implants and Zest Locators placed.

Description: Tommy Mouth 2.jpg

Image 4: My happy patient!

Description: Tommy.JPG