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OsteoReady Implants Provide Relief to Long-term Periodontal Disease

Delwyn L. Dick, DDS | Coeur d'Alene, ID

A recall patient presented with a long history of periodontal disease. Although the patient was consistent with her perio maintenance schedule over the last 15 years, she was slowly losing bone support on #20 and #29. The patient was worried about mobility and bone loss. The suggested treatment included extracting #20 and #29, placing an immediate implant in #20 and bone graft material deposited on site #29. Initially she was concerned about the overall cost; I suggested she call around and compare her options. Within less than 10 minutes she called back and scheduled her appointment with me.

This case was my very first implant case. The patient spent a total of an hour and a half in the chair. Extraction instrument 151 was used to remove #20, a 2.0 mm pilot drill was used with the 4.4 mm Multi-Drill™ for added length to the apical portion of the extraction site before placing an 11.5 mm X 5.0 mm OsteoConverter™ implant. A 3.0 mm standard healing cap was then placed. #29 was extracted and bone grafting material was added to the site. I plan to place a 10.0 mm X 5.0 mm OsteoConverter within the next four months. I found the procedure to be straightforward and much easier than I ever imagined. My patient was thrilled with how quickly the appointment went and is looking forward to having her other implant placed.

Image 1: #20, showing periodontal disease.

Image 2: Extraction of #20 with 11.5 mm X 5.0 mm OsteoConverter successfully placed.

Image 3: Radiograph of successful placement of #20, with #29 extracted and bone grafting material placed.