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Speedy and Efficient Implant Placement for Fractured Tooth

Dr. Pioch

Dr. Raleigh Pioch of Pioneer Dental Group in Oregon City, Oregon, brings us a case study using the OsteoReady implant system:

An emergency patient came in around the last hour of my day, requesting same-day treatment for tooth #8, which had fractured at the gingival margin. We discussed treatment options, including post/core/crown with crown lengthening, and the patient opted for extraction of the tooth with a flipper and an immediate implant if possible.

I took impressions for the flipper and extracted tooth #8 atraumatically. Since I didn't have a 6.0 x 10 implant on hand, I placed an immediate OsteoReady Performance 4.0 x 8 implant subcrestally, following the No-Drill™ procedure. I had the lab create an exaggerated ovate pontic for the flipper so that it could be customized upon delivery 3 days later. This helps to maintain the papillae. I allowed the implant to heal for 3 months, and scheduled a follow-up appointment.

I uncovered the implant 3 months later, placed the abutment and torqued it to 35 Ncm. I had the lab come for a custom shade that day, and took an impression of the abutment, sending it along with the lab tech that did the custom shade. I then sealed the abutment with Teflon® tape and Fuji II LC®, modified the flipper to seat over the abutment and seated the crown two weeks later. I was pleased to note no discernible loss of the papillae and exceptional emergence from the gingiva.

My patient was so ecstatic with the results that he scheduled six other crown placements in one month, and has referred multiple friends and family members to the office. The total treatment time was less than 60 minutes from extraction to crown cement over the course of 3 and a half months.

I accepted this case during my third month of placing OsteoReady implants.

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Dr. Raleigh Pioch graduated from dental school at the University of Michigan. An independent self-starter, Dr. Pioch knew what he had to do to provide great patient care: open his own practice. After searching the country for the perfect location, he chose Portland, Oregon, where he opened Dental West Associates in 2007. After several successful years in Portland, Dr. Pioch has brought his proven skills and experience to Oregon City with the Pioneer Dental Group. Dr. Pioch is an alumnus of OsteoReady's Medford, Oregon 2-Day Mini-Residency, completing his implant training in 2015.