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Dr Stephen McAnaney

Hi there Brady! Placed my first OsteoReady™ implant yesterday. WOW it was easy! Tooth #13. Longest part was getting the root tip out. Anyway it took me maybe 2 minutes to place the 5.0 x 10 OsteoConverter™ in the socket. It took longer to get it out of the package.

I just ordered a big load of more implants because all the ones I got in the course starter pack are scheduled to be placed in the next two weeks. I have officially totally converted to OsteoReady™ from Astra.

- Dr. Stephen McAnaney

2-Day Mini-Residency | February 2014
Dr Jim Helmkamp

"I want to thank you for the excellent course. This is at least the 4th mini- residency type implant course I have taken. You have finally hit the right chord for me. The OsteoReady™ system is so practical I can’t wait for my first case. I will keep you posted. Thanks again."

– Dr. Jim Helmkamp

2-Day Mini-Residency | December 2013
Dr Ron Denton

"The patient presented with tooth #10 fractured at the gingiva. We encounter this scenario so often as GPs. This procedure takes 3-5 minutes on average to perform and patients are extremely grateful for the new technology that allows us to perform no-drill procedures so efficiently with very little to no post-operative discomfort. In this particular case a 4.2mm X 10mm OsteoReady™ implant was used and a 3.8 drill was used just to open the apical portion of the socket slightly."

– Dr. Ron Denton

2-Day Mini-Residency | September 2012
Dr Scott F Peterson

"It was actually much easier than I thought it would be. The procedures allowed the implants to be placed efficiently and very solidly."

– Dr. Scott F Peterson

2-Day Mini-Residency | September 2012