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Multi-Drill – Osteoready  one drill implant procedure
OsteoConverter – Osteoready no-drill implant technique
Implant Training – OsteoReady – Implant courses for general dentists

2-Day Mini-Residency:

Simplified & Efficient Implant Placement Courses for General Dentists
With OsteoReady, learn how minimally-invasive procedures can improve patient comfort, reduce overhead and increase production. Whether you’re a beginner or already place 50 or more implants per month, with the implant education from OsteoReady, you have the ability to master innovative techniques that will allow you to expand these implant services seamlessly into your practice.



"I want to thank you for the excellent course. This is at least the 4th mini- residency type implant course I have taken. You...

– Dr. Jim Helmkamp

"The patient presented with tooth #10 fractured at the gingiva. We encounter this scenario so often as GPs. This procedure takes...

– Dr. Ron Denton

Hi there Brady! Placed my first OsteoReady™ implant yesterday. WOW it was easy! Tooth #13. Longest part was getting the root tip...

- Dr. Stephen McAnaney

"It was actually much easier than I thought it would be. The procedures allowed the implants to be placed efficiently and very...

– Dr. Scott F Peterson